Intrinsic passion

Capturing Magic Through The Lens

I’ve always had a love for photography and for the ability to create an entire story in a single image. It’s a combination of timing, light, skill, and eventually computer magic about what you can pull forward to the viewer. 


I got my start

… On landscape Photography

Ansel Adams was one of my very first influences- especially due to his use of light and contrast.

But I noticed a trend with my work before too long. 

My greatest joy and challenge was in digital post processing. I felt freer and more in control of the story I was crafting. Shooting with minor edits, waiting for the PERFECT light/etc combo was fine but .. it didn’t always feel right or evoke the same feeling as being there in person.

A few candid / Slice of life pictures later…

And I realized I could do so much more. 

I retouched everything everyone would let me. My own wedding photos, pictures for friends for their social media, you name it.

And I had found my true hobby. I still shoot but I also know that no matter how well I plan a shot, the candid outtakes of life are more evocative.

Let me help you showcase the real you.