1001 Words


I picked up my first camera in the 5th grade.


It was my dad’s Minolta film camera, and I barely knew how to use it, but for a school project, we needed to shoot a roll of film to be developed. 

I shot random things around my house and our neighbors’, but I really only remember one picture out of that 24. It was shot down a long dark hallway with a lit door at the end and it .. made me feel things. Things that a 1960s hallway should not, in general. There was light, shadow, foreboding… and for me a desire to recreate that feeling.

Today I strive to explore all facets of photography; moments, nature, architecture, people, eroticism… it’s an art to capture a moment and evoke the same emotion that happens. That’s meaningful art to me.





I have galleries of my work both past and present available for purchase. 

Custom Photography

I typically don’t do events like weddings, but I will do a variety of custom photography gigs around Southern California. Specific site photography, marketing events, or erotic photography. 

Photo Retouching

Sometimes you have your own photos you want some help with- maybe help evoking a specific mood or feeling, retouching lighting and/or details. I can help. 


Deborah Rhodes

As I work to rebuild my portfolio online, take a look at some of the demo/promo shots I’ve done for Instagram.